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Are you fucking kidding me

2009-09-06 21:18:48 by RubySparkle14

My computer crashed, it bit the dust, all my stuff is gone, ALL my stuff is gone, I have to download everything all over again, sprites, flash, EVERYTHING, I am so fucking pissed, and even though we're getting a new computer in a few weeks I am just so pissed off it's not even funny, I don't even know if I'm going to keep working on my projects anymore.


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2009-09-06 21:44:28

Yes, we are fucking kidding you.

RubySparkle14 responds:

OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH Thank you that makes everything so much better cause just last night I was lying in bed and I woke up sobbing, "I will never be happy untill Chdonga! Tells me he's kidding me, wow thank you for being such a pussy and still being able to comment on a users page even if the comment is worthless I respect that.


2009-09-06 21:52:24

You are so pissed because you have to do what you would have had to do anyways in a few weeks?
Are you fucking kidding us?

(Updated ) RubySparkle14 responds:

Oh really groundpwndr, well take a guess what the fucks wrong with your post! Everything that I had took me over a year to find, and now it's not fucking here, now where is it oh yeah it's in the fucking bowels of cyberspace! Am I kidding you now because you know what, I'm going to have to kill you, i'm gonna have to pop a fucking cap IN YOU ASS! YOUR DEAD YOUR TUPAC YOU ARE FUCKING BIGGIE YOU PIECE OF SHIT! I HOPE YOU FUCKING DIE OR PUT A NOOSE AROUND YOUR NECK THEN DROP THE FUCKING CHAIR YOUR STANDING ON! HOPE YOUR BOYFRIENDS DICK BREAKS OFF IN YOUR ASS!



2009-09-07 14:10:12

I know how you feel >.>

RubySparkle14 responds: